Friday, 16 November 2012

AdSense Account Disabled? Try These Top 10 AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Account Disabled? Try These Top 10 AdSense Alternatives

By Chirag Patel

Hi AdSense publishers and blogger. This article is for who have not tried any monetizing methods to make money online from blog or website other than Google AdSense. And for who have tried to apply for Google AdSense but not succeed. And also for whose AdSense accounts are disabled recently.

After the grand success of internet marketing company Google AdSense, countless people are diving in the Internet, The ocean of Opportunities to make money online. There are many advertising programs other then Google AdSense who let you earn online through your online content. Actually it won't be worthless giving a try to other alternatives of AdSense even if you are satisfied with earnings form Google AdSense.

Before I introduce AdSense alternatives, I would like to explain, why some people (may be your also) will prefer using other ad network than Google AdSense. Some of the well known comparison parameters between these AdSense like advertising programs are

  • Mode of payment and minimum payout limit per month.
  • CPC (Cost per Click) rat, Relativity of ads with content.
  • Availability of ad network program in publisher's locality for easy payment.

I always heard web publishers and bloggers complaining about the absent of PayPal payment option in Google AdSense, and in many countries like India, Google AdSense gives only single mode of payment, that is through check in local currency. It becomes difficult for publishers in these countries while they want to pay online through PayPal for hosting or other purchasing and they really want online income in their PayPal account. OK so let us try other alternatives with the comparison parameters explained below.

  1. Yahoo Publisher Network: This is similar ad network to Google AdSense and in very tough competition with Google AdSense. Provides, relative ads like AdSense and minimum payout limit is 100$.
  2. Chitika ad network. Most poplar specially for US traffic. If your blog or website receives US traffic more than other countries, probably this may become more earning option than others. Its search term based advertising features and filling blank space in wider screen with a ads gives you chance to increase your online earning. Chitika offers payout to your PayPal account and this is probably best AdSense alternative.
  3. Kontera. This in not like normal CPC ad network similar to above all. Its intext ad network like infolinks. Offers PayPal payment with minimum payout limit of 50 USD.
  4. Infolinks. This is another in text advertising program like kontera. Offers PayPal payment and minimum payout limit is 50 USD.
  5. Adbrite. This program is specially designed to sell ad space on your blog and website to make money from it.
  6. Bidvertiser. An another CPC ad network which gives payment in your PayPal account.
  7. Text Link Ads. This program allows you to sell text links and intext links in to your blog or web content.
  8. Clicksor. An another in text advertising program like kontera and infolinks.
  9. BuySellAds: Specially designed to buy and sell ad space on blogs and websites. This is different from AdSense like CPC programs; it's like trading platform for ad space on blogs and websites where prices and cost are decided by seller and buyer per time basis.
  10. TribalFusion. Best paying program, but requires very huge visitors base per month.

These are not only available AdSense alternatives; the number is growing day by day. Which program is good for you, depends on you online, so just give them a try and choose your best online money making program.

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