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10 Best Websites for Jobs Writing Online

10 Best Websites for Jobs Writing Online

By Sean Platt

One of the biggest things that holds aspiring freelance writers back from truly and wholeheartedly pursuing their dream career of earning a living through writing online is not being able to find paying gigs. A decade or so ago, it was much more difficult to find jobs as a freelance writer, but thanks to the Internet, there are so many incredible and altogether easy ways for new freelance writers to not just get their foot in the door of a lucrative career but to actually make a pretty great living their first year on the job. Here are some hot websites that every aspiring freelance writer needs to check out:

  1. This website is a freelancer's dream. It has hundreds of freelance writing gigs available for you to sort through and bid on each and every day. The price range of jobs runs the gamut, but if you make an honest effort searching through the possibilities and really devote time to seeking out long-term clients, you can make a great living through this site online.

  2. FreelanceSwitch. This is a truly valuable tool for freelance writers, offering them help in finding jobs, putting their resumes out there to be viewed in a search format, a blog and podcast both filled with great tips, and even a calculator to help you determine how much you need to charge to break even.

  3. This website is truly a catch-all of knowledge, tips, and skills that you need to know to be successful as a freelance writer. There are also job posts updated daily, as well as a classifieds area, a legal guide, a grammar guide, and more.

  4. This website gives you the power to write articles about whatever you want and get paid for your efforts. You can request to work on one of their paid assignments or submit your own work, too. Articles are typically paid with an up-front fee, and then you can earn monthly cash indefinitely based on the hits your articles receive. This website is associated with Yahoo!, and great writers are often asked to join the ranks of special featured writers who specialize in a certain area like business, fashion, and so forth to earn extra cash.

  5. This website lets you post your articles on any topic imaginable online. Others can view and buy your articles for their own purposes. They can buy usage or full rights to the article, and you set the fee for both.

  6. is a resource-based website that allows you to post articles as well as videos that offer how-tos as well as helpful tips and advice to others on a variety of topics. You get paid based on viewership throughout this site.

  7. is a blog-like website that encourages commentary on current events as well as other hot topics people love to read about. The site offers an up-front payment as well as a performance payment based on both traffic and the click-through-rate of the ads.

  8. This is a blog-style website that allows you to write your own content on topics of your choice and pays you based the traffic your pages generate. Advice is provided to help you find topics that are of more interest to readers.

  9. is a self-publishing site that, like many others, pays you based on traffic. However, it also allows you to self-promote your other works on the web, too, which can add more value to your contributions.

  10. Women on Writing is an excellent resource for new writings and gives you the ability to search for jobs in the publishing industry, tips for writing query letters, and other helpful writing tips and tools that help you make a fast and easy transition into the world of freelance writing.

Sean Platt is the author of Writing Online, a guide that helps good writers learn the skills necessary for making a living writing for the web. Download his free report on freelancing mistakes and find out how you can make a great living with your words starting today!

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