Friday, 28 December 2012

Developing a Website Parallel To Your Business

Developing a Website Parallel To Your Business

By Brent Baldasare

Your website is a portal into your business, and is becoming the number one sales tool for businesses throughout the globe. With the ability to reach millions, your website has the potential to reach new clients and bring in business. Although it may seem simple to create a website, add products and bring in buyers, there is more to coordinating your website with your business than just what's at the surface. You should have a clear motive, a simple and engaging message and features that are parallel to your business to attract the right audience and ultimately bring in sales.

It may sound simple enough, but some businesses often get lost in building a website with so many bells and whistles that the purpose of your website sort of gets lost in translation. If you don't have a clear purpose that defines your brand and can be translated well to your audience, your business will have a difficult time growing. Whether your goal is to generate leads, or to promote social interaction, make sure you and your audience can clearly understand your business's purpose and goals.

Learn what your competitors are doing. Do you see something that you might want to incorporate into your business and website? If they are making noticeable mistakes, competitor analysis can help you avoid making the same ones yourself. If you notice that their use of content, or their use of graphic contributes to their success, you might want to consider how those aspects of their website can translate to the success of your business and brand.

Developing a sales message that relates to your audience is important in communicating your business goals and increasing your website's effectiveness. It's essential to develop content that is cohesive with the rest of your pages, incorporated with your goals and purposes. Be specific and help your audience understand exactly what your want them to do, whether it's to purchase a product or engage with your website's community. Your website represents your company, and aligning your website with your business can potentially help you evolve and increase revenue.

Evaluate your website and make sure your business is translating well onto the web. Brand recognition is also affected by how well your website and business align, so it's important to keep that in mind when creating your site. Reflect your brand's culture and values and adapt that to your home on the internet.

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