Friday, 28 December 2012

The Right Time to Move Out From Your Day Job

The Right Time to Move Out From Your Day Job

By Stephanie Doughlas

Should you quit your day job? Why should you quit your day job? When is the right time to quit your day job? If you care about your own well-being and peace of mind, then you should escape the rat race as soon as you feel uncomfortable with it. Here are some occasions in which you should quit your day job as soon as possible:

1. When you feel uncomfortable with your work environment

If you no longer feel comfortable with the "atmosphere" of your work environment, then you will tend to feel stressful very quickly. This includes how your boss treats you, how good your terms with your co-workers, how nice is the place where you work, and so on. If you don't like what you're seeing in your work environment, then it's the time for you to make a move.

2. When you feel uncomfortable with your co-workers

Do you keep getting bad treatment from your co-workers? If you keep being an object of verbal abuse from your co-workers, then you should consider limiting your interactions with them. But, if the relationship is too bad for you and you can't handle it properly, then you should consider quitting.

3. When you feel uncomfortable with your boss

How your boss treats you? Are you not getting the appreciation from the work you've done tediously? Does your boss keep neglecting your contribution for the company? Does your boss acknowledge what you've done for him and for the company? If not, and if your work is constantly under-appreciated, then you should consider leaving your job.

4. When you feel uncomfortable with how your company operates

Do you feel that the company you're working with is engaging in bad practices? If you think so, and if you can convince yourself that it is so, then you shouldn't keep yourself there. You have to find a way to quit from your day job. There are better opportunities that you can grab out there.

5. When you feel deep urge to leave your day job

If there is constant uneasiness in your heart that keeps urging you to leave your job, perhaps it is better for you to follow your intuition. It is better for you to follow your heart instead of following the money. I know that you might want to stick on the job because of the money that you earn. But, you might consider another job if your motivation is limited only on money. You should at least get a job that you like so that you can do your job while enjoying your life to the fullest.

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