Wednesday, 16 January 2013

3 Steps to Making More Money With Paid Internet Surveys

3 Steps to Making More Money With Paid Internet Surveys

By Kyle F Howard

Unless you are taking surveys as treatment for a specialized health condition, or you just really enjoy the thrill of giving your no-holds-barred opinion, you are probably completing surveys to get paid. And if there is one thing better than getting paid, it is getting paid more. With that honorable goal in mind, let us explore three easy steps to increasing your income with paid Internet surveys.

Qualifying for more surveys - You need to maximize the number of surveys that you are invited to complete each day. The easiest way to do this is by completing those pesky demographic questionnaires. I realize they can be long and boring and you don't get paid to complete them, but once you respond on these you will almost always get more survey offers. The survey companies want to target very specific groups for their studies, such as parents, travelers, movie buffs, etc. By completing the questionnaires, you let them know that you meet the criteria. Not only will you qualify for more surveys, but you will qualify for more targeted surveys. The highly-targeted surveys often pay more since fewer people qualify.

Do some basic math - With a little work, you should be able to qualify for a lot of paid surveys each day. Typically, the survey company will tell you how much you can earn on each survey and approximately how long it will take. Do a little math and you can find out how much you can make per minute. If a survey pays $5 but takes 2 hours, it is less valuable than a survey that pays $2 but only takes 10 minutes. Take the best paying surveys first, of course.

Give good answers - By giving thoughtful answers and good ideas, you may be invited to participate in future studies on similar topics. When a research company knows that they can count on you to always provide quality results for their clients, they will be more likely to target you with their most lucrative paid Internet surveys. You may even be invited to participate in an online focus group, which is the jackpot of opinion polling.

If you have just started with paid surveys and are disappointed with the pay, I encourage you to hang in there a little longer. By following these steps you can quickly increase your earnings, and soon you may be in for a very satisfying payday.

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