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An Easy Way to Make Your Own Websites For Free

An Easy Way to Make Your Own Websites For Free

By Bruce Reed
Have you been wondering how to make your own websites for free? Maybe you are looking to make money with some simple sites, or just want to put up your own business website. You want to have complete control, right? Why outsource the work for hundreds, even thousands of dollars?
Just follow these simple steps to make your own websites for free.
Step 1) Get a cheap hosting plan that allows you to install WordPress onto your domains. This is a minimal cost, one of the two costs that are unavoidable- Hosting, and the cost of domain names.
Costs: A good hosting company should cost you no more than $10 per month. Check out Just Host, Host Monster, or Host Gator for starters. These companies all have step-by-step videos to get you started.
Step 2) Buy the domain name and point the "Name Servers" to your hosting account. Get a cheap domain from somewhere like GoDaddy, or NameCheap and just follow the directions to "direct the name servers" to your account.
Step 3) Install WordPress onto the domain. You will use Simple Scripts, or Fantastico Deluxe depending on your hosting account. Again, there are step-by-step videos for this process. It only takes a minute or so.
Step 4) Customize your WordPress Blog site. You can make your site look and act like a blog with posts, or a website with pages. Add a "Theme" from your admin control panel in the WordPress site to change the look and functionality of the site.
Step 5) Add content and publish the site. Simply add your content to the pages and click "Publish". You now have your site up and running!
It really is that simple to put up a website. You can get really good at it and put up numerous sites in just minutes or hours.
Want to really customize your site? You can also outsource people to create Themes for you. There are hundreds of free ones to choose from, but if you really want to have a specific look for your business or brand then you can outsource someone on ELance or ODesk to make a Theme for you.
Bruce Reed is a website developer and content writer for many different internet based companies. You can check out his latest website about how to get remote access to computer [] at [].
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