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Reasons Why Mothers Should Stay at Home

Reasons Why Mothers Should Stay at Home

By Pooja S Banerjee

Which is the toughest job you'll ever love? Most of the women folk would agree with me when I say "Being a full-time mother." A mother who quits her job to stay at home is not only taking care of the household chores but is also taking care of the healthy development of the child as well as giving the baby a quality childcare.

There are various reasons which can be cited as one takes the decision of staying at home or going out to work the most important ones of which could be economic, lack or availability of good child care options and the personal choice of bringing up your baby yourself.

Experts think that a child's growth and proper development depends on the quality of the child care that a child receives and not on who takes care of the child. Having said this, it is also true through experience as well as supported by research that parenting is the greatest influence on children's development.

The firsts

A mother who stays home will always be there to experience all those 'firsts' in her child's life. The developmental milestones, the first emotional and physical responses give a mother extreme satisfaction. A full-time mom is indeed a rewarding career and the fact that you are irreplaceable for your child gives you immense pleasure and pride. In fact the gurgles, giggles and soft cuddle of your baby are a definite stress buster!


A mother who stays at home with her child is able to take care of daily needs of her child personally. Doing small things like cooking, massaging, playing, reading books to your baby develops a bond which is stronger, healthier and permanent. There is no substitute for the consistency, care, love and nurturing of a mother.


A child who is constantly under his mother's supervision and affection will have less behavioural issues as compared to those who are in the hands of a caregiver. A caregiver takes care of many children at a time while for a mother her child is her world. The child also gets the emotional stability when she knows that her mother's presence and 100 % attention is a permanent fixture in her life.


A mother who stays at home is a positive influence during the most crucial and formative years of a child. She can instil her own moral values and discipline in the child. Good nurturing and happy families go a long way in the educational and emotional development of a child. She can ensure good care of her child since the quality of child care cannot be completely trusted upon.


If there are no financial constraints, then a mother who stays at home faces lesser stress. continuously trying to strike a balance between work and family creates a lot of unhappiness, tension and aggression which percolates down to the child. A child is like a flower who blooms in the sunshine of love, care and family's happiness. The efforts put in to do justice to work commitments, keep up home and trying to run the family smoothly leaves you with much little time for the child.

In the end I would just like to say that if the mother does not face nay emotional or financial issues, then she should stay at home to raise a socially aware and responsible citizen.

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