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Tips On Communicating With Kids

Tips On Communicating With Kids

By Emma Clark

Nowadays, many parents have problems on communicating with their children. But in my opinion, it is not so hard to communicate with kids if you use the correct way. And I find that listening and talking is the key to a healthy connection between you and your children. Besides, you should always tell your children that you love them.

Today I will tell you my personal experience so as to give you some tips. Hope those tips are helpful.

Both Danny and I love kids, so when I married to him at age 28, we decided to have at least three kids - one boy and two girls. But it seemed that God made a big joke with us. My doctor told me that I was too weak to have a baby and were not able to have babies for all my life. I was so sad and depressed since I was so broody for babies. I went everywhere for treatment. But nothing changed.

Four years after that, we adopted a two-years-old kid, Lucy. I fell in love with her when I first saw her since she was so lovely with blue eyes and curly blond hair! At the beginning, she was a little shy, holding her toy Sid tightly but when I tried to ask her if she would like to come home with me and she nodded cutely and even gave me a smile and I was completely moved.

Lucy is 7 years old this year. In the past five years, both Danny and I loved Lucy so much and she brought so much smiles and happiness to our home. We are glad that we have adopted Lucy. She is smart, cute, and beautiful... it seems that no word can describe how great she is. But 8 month ago, I didn't feel well so I went to see my doctor and he told me something big: I was pregnant for about 2 months! Yes! I would have a baby soon! When I announced this news, Danny was so excited and so did Lucy. She was so excited for having a baby sister or baby brother.

But from last month, Lucy was not so happy as before. What's worse, she refused to talk to me or Danny about it. We were so worried and we bought her some toys (her favorite Sid), but she was still very upset. Then my neighbor Jenny visited me and told me with embarrassment that Tom (her little son, Lucy's friend) may say something improper to Lucy last month, something like "your mom will have a new baby and will not love you any longer" I was so surprised and blamed myself for my carelessness. I should talk to her and tell her I love her always.

When I told it to Danny, he was also a bit guilty, but he still asked me not to worry about it.

He never let me down and Lucy was not so upset the next day. But I felt she was not as happy as before.

Maybe I was too worried those days, I not felt well so I went to the hospital (LA Children's Hospital) three days ago. And both Danny and Lucy stayed with me.

Today is Lucy's birthday and I am so sorry to celebrate her birthday on hospital. So I send her a big cake and she likes it very much. But it is so strange today since Danny is out early in the morning and has not come back yet.

Suddenly, there is an excited buzz ran around the hospital. And then a person dressed like Sid, with a big package in the back, came up and faintly asked: "Hey, I am Sid, do you know Lucy, Lucy Taylor? She is my friend."

A nurse pointed to us and then "Sid" walked to us.

"I am Sid. Are you Lucy Taylor? Someone told me you like me."

"Yes, I am. Mr. Sid." Lucy answered happily.

"Thank you, my angel. I am so honored. Happy birthday! Here is a gift for you", the "Sid" said and he took out a toy - actually a big Sid.

Lucy was completely shocked and excitedly. "Thank you, I love it very much. But how you know today is my birthday?"

"Aha, it is a secret and I come here since your parents want me to tell you that they all love you so much and will love you forever." The "Sid" said, "You see, here is another gift for you and your Mom", he took out a cute diaper bag, actually a set of bag - one big bag with two small ones in the same style, "what do you think of the three bags?" he asked.

"They are families, the big one is Mom and two small ones are her kids since they are so like", Luck answered loudly.

"You're so clever! Yes, they are Mom and babies! Just like you and your brother (my doctor has told us that the coming baby is a boy), you are in the same family! Mom and Dad love you both." The "Sid" said and took off the outfit. It is Danny!

"We all love you, Lucy!" Danny said, "We love you both since we are families, just like the three bags."

"Oh! Dad! I love you! I love you and Mom, and I love my little brother", Lucy said and hurled herself into Danny's arms. Lucy's uneasiness was completely stilled.

Kid is kid. Lucy has nothing to worry and fall asleep soon. Looking her sweet and soothing face, I am so glad. "I love you Danny. And I am so happy today."

"Love you too, honey!"Danny said, "Thanks, they do send me the bags in time", Danny said happily, "My colleague Joe recommended this site to me and when I asked her "How about the product quality and shipping speed of" "Oh, Danny, you'll be impressed by this site since they never let people down!" she said that to me proudly."

"It seems that she is right. This site is reliable!" I said. But it seems that the coming baby is also happy since I felt that he is in hurry to come out! So I said to Danny: "Honey, our boy is going to out. Call the doctor now!"

Two hours later, my small boy came out healthily.

Now both my little girl and boy are great. And certainly, both Danny and I stick to the rule: listening, talking and telling our children we love them.

So if you have difficulty in communicating with your children, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  • Listen to them
  • Talk to them
  • The most important one: tell them you love them

Hope all you of can keep good relationship with your children.

Hi, I am a happy Mom with two lovely kids. I love them so much. I share this story because I believe it is important to keep good relationship with your children. And communication is essential.

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