Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Brad Pitt Workout and Diet - The Tricks He Used to Build His Brad Pitt Body

By Frank Sherrill

Here in that show is everything you want to know about the Brad Pitt Workout and Diet.
After watching fight club for the umpteenth time and seeing Brad Pitt flashing those incredible six pack abs -- I just wanted to share with everyone the -- Brad Pitt workout and diet he followed.
Typically most Hollywood A-list celebrities that are trying to get down to this kind of body fat level are going to be following a fairly strict diet, they're going to be using circuit training, and they will be doing plenty of cardio to burn body fat off.
Bear in mind that his training program for his later movie "Troy" is different than that for fight club. Although in both movies he was lean and had his six pack showing, in Troy he added more muscle size.
For the task of getting Brad Pitt's ready Hollywood recruited celebrity personal trainer --Gregory Joujon-Roche -- who was also responsible for getting Tobey Maguire of Spiderman fame in shape.
The Brad Pitt workout and diet was planned out as follows:
* Brad Pitt trained for eight months for the movie Troy.
* He trained six days per week
* Brad gave up smoking
The Brad Pitt diet consisted of high protein and low carbs
The Brad Pitt workout consisted of:
- Weightlifting
- Running
- Yoga
- Swordplay (Greg credits most of the work of getting that Brad Pitt body to doing hours of swordplay)
They cranked up Brad Pitt's protein intake by increasing his protein supplements. Protein shakes are part and parcel of the Brad Pitt diet for this movie.
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