Friday, 21 June 2013

Top Five Teams To Win 2014 FIFA World Cup

By Pooja Kamboj

Although it might be too early to speak about the possible threats to the defending champions Spain, but let us discuss about the possible teams who could lay their hands on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Brazil, known to be the paradise for football, is all set to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Let us discuss about the teams who would be the potential challengers for the 2014 World Cup and also speak about the defending Champions Spain, who have been winning each and every single thing in the past.
Brazil: The 5 times World Champions would be looking for their 6th World Cup Glory when they host the 2014 World Cup, having the home advantage on their side. However, a team like Brazil does not require an added advantage like this to win anything major. They can win it anywhere and everywhere, but with millions of Brazil hearts cheering for them, the Brazilians seem to be the most dangerous side this time around. With Upcoming future like Neymar and Pato, Brazil look more composed and would surely see themselves in the latter stages of the tournament. Brazil should surely make it to the last four in the tournament and it would be quite a disappointment if the Brazilians fail to at least make it to the Semi-Finals stage.
Spain: At the moment, one can call them the 'UNSTOPPABLE'. The only thing they know at present is to win and they are doing it on a regular basis, time and time again. They won the Euro Cup, then the World Cup and then the U-21 European Championship. Others were just mere spectators as they grabbed everything that occurred; be it a friendly match or a major tournament like the World Cup and the Euro Cup. By far, the stand out performers in the past 3-4 years. They have the perfect mix of players which a team requires to win any major tournament. Players like Villa, Sergio Ramos, Casillias, and Iniesta etc. makes the Spaniards the favourites to retain the World Cup.
England: Well it is indeed hard to say but the England team has been the biggest disappointment in the recent past, despite being rated as one of the strongest team in the world with only quality players filled in. Having the likes of Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham and many more greats, England have failed to achieve anything out of such an extremely talented team. Every single player in the side is regarded as the best when playing club football, but when you talk about playing together, they just fail to showcase the same. Young sensations like Wilshere and Caroll have stepped in, which might turn the tables for the English Side this time. But the people and fans are starting to lose confidence in the side as they have failed on several occasions despite being blessed with one of the most prolific and composed squad ever. Despite the recent poor showing by the English team, yet one can put their money on England to be the top contenders for the 2014 World Cup, with some real magic like talents breaking into the team.
Argentina: Yes! They have Lionel Messi. Yes! They have Carlos Tevez too, the two known to be the most dangerous players across the world of Football. Who doesn't know what Messi does for Barcelona and Tevez have done for United and is doing for City. Both can be defined similar to Michael Jackson's song as 'Dangerous'. But again, all the heights are achieved at club level. There is no doubt about Messi's potential, but then when it comes to International matches, the Messi magic just doesn't work the way it does for Barcelona. As a team, Argentina has struggled too in the recent past. Struggling in the qualifiers to make it to the 2010 World Cup, losing friendlies against mediocre teams and even when they win, the win just looks an average and a very hard-fought one. But with the likes of Messi and Tevez in the team, one can never write off the Argentinians. They must surely see themselves in the last four with Messi and Tevez looking in fine touch with a much balanced team than before.
Germany / Portugal: The Germans would surely miss the services of the former Germany Captain; Ballack, who announced his retirement after his fallout with the national team coach. But the kind of performance the Germans showed in the last World Cup was truly outstanding. The Germans has always been the side to watch out for and with the likes of Muller and Ozil and bagging a lot of experience with the current captain, Lahm, the team looks in great touch and should surely be one among the top four at least to challenge Spain.
Talking about the Portuguese side, they have Ronaldo with them, one of the most prolific wingers of all time and his speed was just unmatched. Manchester United winger, Nani too is playing his best football of his career so far. The current Ronaldo-Nani combination can singlehandedly do wonders for the Portuguese.
Although, despite stating the favourites for the coming World Cup, the underdogs like Mexico and Uruguay too can slowly creep up and might snatch the World Cup from the noses of the top favourites. You never know what is in store for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
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