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2013 Ford Focus: Beauty and Brains

2013 Ford Focus: Beauty and Brains

Author: Rodman Ford

The new Ford Fusion model has come out and it is quite the sight! With sleek exterior and a modern interior, this Fusion has it all.

One thing that has brought up some questions is Ford's decision to ditch their classic V6 engine for an all four-cylinder lineup. This choice is speculated to be because of the demand for mid-size sedans with the four-cylinder engine. There have been murmurs that this is the way of the future. However, if you do prefer a V6, you are in luck since Ford is looking to produce a performance Fusion equipped with one.

In all Ford fashion, they are offering the best options for fuel economy. It is positioned to receive the best gas mileage of any 2013 model across the board. Along with the regular sedan, Ford offers the Fusion in Hybrid and Energi form. The Hybrid is to be released alongside the sedan. The Energi, which offers pure electric driving time, has a release date later on in the year.

All these options are just the tip of the iceberg. The newest technology will be packed in the Fusion, such as lane-keeping system, park assist and blind-spot monitoring, If you were a fan of the MyFord Touch, you will be happy to know the second-generation will be installed as well.

The 2013 Ford Fusion is an exciting addition to the market for automobile lovers. It's beautiful on the inside and on the outside; personally we can't wait for the test-drive. Ford offers you the chance to play around with the exterior color and start imagining yourself behind the wheel. To check it out, visit:

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