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Amanda Bynes Twitter Quotes

Author: Madhumita Roy
You love her as Penelope Taynt in "The Amanda Show", as Viola Hastings in "She's the Man" and as Daphne Reynolds in "What a Girl Wants". You love her vocal skills. You probably also love her fashion sense. Clearly, there is much to love about Amanda Bynes which is the reason why she is one of the highest paid teen celebrities in the US and had been one of the most followed young celebrities on Twitter.

Amanda had joined Twitter around a couple of years back and had been quite active on the micro-blogging site. Her follower count rose greatly as she posted mini-bulletins on her life, career and of course...love. Love had been one of the main subjects of her tweeps. As Amanda herself admitted in one of her tweets,

"I enjoy reading and writing love quotes"

Fans got to know what the star is up to thanks to her short and sweet updates about herself. Her quotes on relationships, men, family, people and her surroundings made for highly enjoyable pastimes, even though they were a bit confusing at times.

Sadly however, Amanda deleted her twitter account. For Amanda Bynes Twitter ceased to have much importance after a point of time. Much to the dismay of her fans, Amanda retired from Twitter in September 2010. In her short tweeting life however, she has given us some memorable quotes like

Everybody wants to be liked, fit in and make people laugh. I think we're not that different.
~ Amanda Bynes.

I personally think we should grow old gracefully.
~ Amanda Bynes.

I think that the most important lesson is to be yourself, and that you can't change yourself for anyone else, ...
~ Amanda Bynes.

It can only be hoped that Amanda comes back on Twitter just as she has come back to acting after a shocking declaration of early retirement. As of now, fans are only hoping that they get to read more of Amanda Bynes Twitter quotes.

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