Sunday, 30 June 2013

It's A Show, They Are Not Real: Please Stop

It's A Show, They Are Not Real: Please Stop

By Angelina Bouc

Enjoying a good show is amazing. First in today's day and age of reality television, a good show is pretty hard to come by. Watching the Kardashians examine their next purchase is not a show. Making a bet if Jersey Shore is coming back to haunt the mind of intellects is not an avid plot. Shows are intriguing and are a valid source of entertainment. Then there's that person.

You know who that one is, don't you? The one who gets so emotionally connected to the show, there is this avid disbelief. After all they wouldn't dare do that! How come she didn't run! O.M.G. "I totally would have run, why did she just stand there?!" Prevention is key before an intervention is required.

Stop smacking your head.
You're going to end up with a concussion. The writers spin details meant to torture your mind. Currently, in the abode, Nip/Tuck has been watched and at times that personal involvement enters. Then you realize "this is silly, the writers are behind this," because honestly, if they followed the advice of the viewing public? The show would either be three episodes long or a life-long series.

Stop yelling at the television. Please.
They can't hear, and honestly if they could, you would probably have guys in a truck showing up with a backwards jacket. Sure, express emotion, the writers love that! They like to know you are involved, but chillax some. You know who I'm talking about. The person smacking their head and yelling at the television requires a glass of brandy or a cold beer. Stat.

Stop offering what you would have done.
Save it for your next fan fiction saga. Heatedly expressing what you would have done if you were that character is sort of laugh worthy. Your expression is serious as you launch into full details about your plot. In no time at all you have delivered a verbal series that would have went into half of season one and no more. The build-up is necessary.

Stop stalking the show during the season finale break.
There is nothing wrong with discussing the show. There is nothing wrong with speculating on the potentials of next season. There is everything wrong with becoming haunted by it. This applies to movies too. During the breaks of Twilight, the shame of humanity spawned a little bit, at the way some people reacted to having to wait to the next movie. Enjoy this wait and dabble in other interests.

The Final word
Provide a wealth of entertainment by enjoying television and movies. Express your excitement, shock or happiness for the plot. But, please refrain from acting like a kicked out, dumped staff writer. Besides it being utterly annoying to those in the room with you, it kind of makes you appear a bit crazy. Moderation is key!

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