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Baseball Player Bryce Harper - What Makes Him so Great?

Baseball Player Bryce Harper - What Makes Him so Great?

Author: David Olmstead

A large stature at 6 feet and 3 inches tall, while his weight is 205 lbs, the now junior college bound high school baseball player Bryce Harper is no means small. However, this does not keep the young future baseball stars from admiring him. "He is very inspirational," says one Little Leaguer, "he makes me feel like I can do impossible things." When looking at this, why does this child look up to him? Bryce Harper will be among the select few playing professional baseball at the age of 17 and is the predicted to be the number 1 draft pick of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft.

The possible achievements don't stop there; Bryce Harper is already setting records with his home run hitting ability. For the record, Bryce cranked an outstanding 502 foot home run at Tropicana field to show off his good home run form for the International Power Showcase. An unofficial home run hit by Harper was over 570 feet; this earned him a cover on Sports Illustrated. The popularity around Harper with younger kids and his high school aged peers, is outstanding, especially with the parents of future baseball players. Their support is despite Harper's choice to drop out of high school a few years early, in order to improve his skills for his a future MLB appearance. As per with Major League rules, however, he went on to finish high school by completing his GED.

Baseball was inherent for Bryce Harper as he started playing at the age of three. All over the country, Little League teams were offering to pay for his airfare and hotel, so he could play for them. That was at the age of eight. While people got to know Bryce, they knew he was headed towards great achievements. Bryce Harper's talent in baseball is very strong and it could be called by some, that he is a freak of nature.

In addition to being a role model based on skills alone, Bryce Harper also possesses a determination and dedication to the sport of baseball that should be admired even by veteran players. A lot of coaches who have watched Harper play baseball, say his dedication is that of the old time baseball players; he wants to play well and do his best for the team he is playing for. At a young age, Bryce Harper's parents did not push baseball excessively upon their child. Bryce's father, Ron, is very demanding about this issue.

"We have to do what's best for Bryce. He wants to play baseball. Always has. We need to do what is best for Bryce and his future; that is the number one thing that is guiding us."

It could be said that a lot of Bryce Harper's admirable characteristics come from his supportive family. Every good sports player needs a support system, and Bryce's family seems to be behind all of his decisions 100%. There are a lot of activities that Bryce Harper does outside of baseball such as snowboard, play football and do other activities any kid his age does. Bryce Harper's parents state he is still a normal, average Joe, even though he quit playing football. With his amazing proficiency at baseball, inspirational achievements and determined attitude, it's clear that Bryce Harper has the potential to be a strong role model for other young baseball players.

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