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How To Develop Argumentative Statements For Great Gatsby Essay?

How To Develop Argumentative Statements For Great Gatsby Essay?

Author: Diana Nunez

Great Gatsby is a classic novel written by a great write of his times F.Scott Fitzgerald that incorporates in it the critique of American Dream. Teacher mostly prefer to assign the task of writing Great Gatsby critical essay to the students as it involves description and evaluation of different characters which enhances a student analytical skills as well. There are numerous important themes that are used in Great Gatsby novel out of which some are class, honesty, violence, religions, decay etc.

There are countless Great Gatsby essay topics that you may use for writing essay on great Gatsby persuasive statements. You must go through the novel carefully and see how different characters are portrayed noting their strengths and weaknesses as well, it will  help you a lot in developing free great Gatsby essays argumentative statements for you, but before that we want to give you some idea on how should a persuasive statement be like:

Argumentative statement for theme honesty:

"Honesty and integrity that was shown by Nick Caraway in the novel cannot be compared with even the combines honesty of all the characters in the novel, The Great Gatsby"

It is a valid claim and so you can base your whole essay on the theme of Nick's honesty, you can use references from the book to make essays on the Great Gatsby more credible and also mention what were those characteristics which made him the most trustworthy person in the novel.

Argumentative statement for theme social class:

"Supporting argument could be something like; people who run after the perfectionism will only end up with bare hands".

It is all about Jats Gatsby whose immaturity and lack of sensitive attitude led him to the disastrous end; mention all those circumstances that make him a "want more and more…." type of person in your Great Gatsby essay.

Argumentative statement for theme decay:

You can point out the immaturity of Gatsby in the novel to which ended him with nothing in hands. Therefore, your argument could be something like this; "Jay Gatsby's psychic attributes lead him to the dead end"

Argumentative statement for theme violence:

"Tom Buchanan used his immense physical powers to dominate the lower ones with less physical powers by hook or crook."

If you have noticed every character in the novel is associated with a certain theme, so you can use Tom Buchan's character as perfect example of violence in the Great Gatsby essay. Tell the readers who were the less powerful people who were dominated by Tom Buchanan and how he used his physical power against them.

Therefore, use the above told argumentative or persuasive statements to illustrate your point in great Gatsby essays and make sure that they are according to the Gatsby essay topic otherwise you will also end up in a mess just like Gatsby did. Final words of advice here is to demonstrate your own writing skills and not to just copy and paste the preceding argumentative or persuasive statements in your great Gatsby essay as the preceding ones are just to give you a rough idea on how a persuasive statement is all about.

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