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Beyonce Butt Implants - Did Beyonce Knowles Get Butt Implants To Make Her Butt Look Bigger?

Beyonce Butt Implants - Did Beyonce Knowles Get Butt Implants To Make Her Butt Look Bigger?

Author: Josh Lecrois

Celebrity plastic surgeries are nothing new to the gossip front. And now more and more people are starting to ask questions about their favorite celebrities and whether they have gone under the knife for various procedures. One of the top celebrities people are now asking about is Beyonce Knowles and whether or not she had surgical implants to make her butt look bigger.

In Hollywood, there is a desperate need to make your body look perfect. After all, if you're on tour each and every night, you know that thousands of people are looking at you and only you. They're bound to notice any imperfections on your body. Even worse, they'll blast you on the Internet about them without feeling bad about it at all. So, there's a huge amount of pressure to look like the perfect woman.

As far as Beyonce, some websites do report that she actually did have butt implants in order to make her butt look curvier (instead of just bigger as some people think). Buttock enhancements are usually done to enhance the shape of the butt rather than just increasing the size. One celebrity who has also undergone this procedure is Jennifer Lopez, another singer and actress known for her curves and backside.

A butt augmentation involves moving fat from different parts of the body and then grafting it to areas in the gluteal region. The plastic surgeon is able to sculpt the butt to look however the patient desires. While some women prefer more of a round shape, other women prefer more of a V shape.

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