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Beyonce Knowles Bending Over Her Carrer

Beyonce Knowles Bending Over Her Carrer

Author: Chuck White

I do love Beyonce Knowles. She's one of the world's hottest babes and an incredible singer. One of my pet pleasures is to spend the day sitting around watching MTV in order to see if there are any music videos which have Beyonce Knowles bending over. Her career has shown us that is possible to see a gorgeous babe who is intelligent and who can be an incredible role model for people everywhere. Why do I say that Beyonce is such a role model? It's simple really. When she bends over and shows us a slightly large ass, she shows women everywhere that she can be beautiful and still not have the perfect perfect body.

That said, it is not easy for her to keep her body in such excellent shape. Beyonce spends hours upon hours in the gym every single day. Her day begins with a sensible breakfast of some plain cereal (I haven't quite gotten an answer as to what kind she favors, but a good guess might be something like Special K or Bran Flakes. Corn Flakes are a possibility as well, but I seriously doubt she is chowing down on stuff like Honey Smacks or Fruity Pebbles). She will then give it some time to digest, so that the cereal does the most good for her body (working out immediately after you eat, you will cause yourself all kinds of cramps – not a good thing for super star like Beyonce Knowles.)

Beyonce then does all kinds of exercises. She will work out by doing all kinds of cardio stuff, (things like an exercise bike, stair master or treadmill). The next thing she does for her workout is a place where you might have a chance to see Beyonce Knowles bending down. Her career revolves around doing these kinds of exercises because she needs to keep the weight off in order to look so beautiful.
So what does she do? She lifts free weights as her next part of the exercise. She does it for 45 minutes 5 days a week.

In addition, in order to see Beyonce Knowles bending down and looking beautiful, while preserving her career as one of America's most gorgeous babes, she makes sure to eat right and stay away from carbs and fats. In fact, I read that her lunch meals involve just some tomato and cucumbers and not much else.

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