Friday, 19 July 2013

Five of the Funniest Actresses Working in Hollywood Today

By Zack Mandell

For far too long, the conventional wisdom in Hollywood was that women either weren't as funny as men, or weren't funny at all. Over the years, a cadre of funny women have worked hard to prove that myth wrong, and the blockbuster success of movies like 2011's "Bridesmaids" helped dispel it altogether. Today, there are more than a few funny ladies delivering big belly laughs in Hollywood. Here are just a handful of the funniest ones right now.
Kristen Wiig
After a tearful, heartfelt sendoff after years as the reigning star of "Saturday Night Live," Kristen Wiig was finally free to pursue a career outside of Studio 8H. She hit the ground running, doing a guest stint on "The Simpsons" and the Netflix-produced season of "Arrested Development." Although she will always be known for the hilarious characters she perfected on "Saturday Night Live" such as Gilly and Penelope, her ability to do different kinds of humor and spot-on comic timing means that she won't live in the shadow of those characters. She is currently doing the voice of an Anti-Villain League special agent in "Despicable Me 2," and will next be seen in "The Skeleton Twins" with fellow SNL vet Bill Hader and "Hateship, Loveship" with Guy Pearce and Hailee Steinfeld. She has seven films that are either in the can or in preproduction, so expect to see lots more from this hilarious comedy vet.
Maya Rudolph
Wiig is following in the footsteps of previous "Saturday Night Live" vet Maya Rudolph, who also left her comfy perch on the iconic show to pursue a movie career. She co-starred with Wiig in "Bridesmaids," which was a breakout role of sorts that introduced her to a wider audience. She is multitalented, often showing off her vocal cords by singing some of her comedy bits to hilarious effect. She is also about to show off her non-singing vocal talents by voicing a part in the upcoming "Turbo." Though her NBC comedy "Up All Night" wasn't renewed, she took full advantage of this setback by signing up for several more parts in movies. Some of these high-profile parts may give her a career in movies, meaning the only time fans can see her on the small screen will be her semi-regular guest sketches on SNL. She can next be seen in the delightful summer comedy "The Way, Way Back" with Steve Carell.
Tina Fey
If this list reads a bit like a laundry list of "Saturday Night Live" vets, it's because the venerable show has produced so many breakout female stars, not the least of which is Tina Fey. She actually started out in the writer's room, and she worked her way up to head writer before taking one of the chairs on the "Weekend Update" segment of the show. Her impeccable timing and deadpan delivery made her irresistible to viewers, and soon she was starring on her own show, "30 Rock." Now that "30 Rock" has finished its impressive run, Fey is free to take her trademark awkward characters to film, where she recently starred with Paul Rudd in "Admission." She will next star in "Anchorman: The Legend Continues," which will reteam her with Rudd, and "Muppets Most Wanted," the sequel to 2011's "The Muppets."
Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones may not have been on "Saturday Night Live," but she still paid her comic-acting dues before recently becoming a more mainstream star. For years she toiled in bit parts and guest roles before breaking through in the third season of the hit comedy "The Office." As Karen Filippelli, she took the thankless job of trying to keep Jim away from would be sweetheart Pam and crafted a funny, touching character. After a full season there, her character moved away and Jones was free to pursue parts in films like "I Love You, Man" and "Our Idiot Brother." Now she has a regular part as Ann on "Parks and Recreation," but her movie career continues to thrive. She will next be seen in "Cuban Fury" with Chris O'Dowd, which is due to be released early in 2014.
Jennifer Aniston
When Jennifer Aniston first tasted stardom on the sitcom "Friends," she was as well known for her character Rachel's hair as she was for her acting. Even with all the hairy distraction, she still showed that she has great comedic delivery and a real penchant for physical comedy as well. After "Friends" went off the air, she started doing movies full time, causing millions of moviegoers to laugh till they cried in films like "Horrible Bosses" and "Wanderlust." She occasionally takes parts in weepers like "Marley and Me," but she sticks mostly with her bread and butter, which is funny roles where she can showcase her comedy muscles like the upcoming "We're the Millers."
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