Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Attract Women

By Antonio Gabriel

Today, there are over a hundred books about dating and about how to attract women. Most of the websites that we browse or the articles that we read in magazines are also based on the subject of getting the best date. Basically, attracting women is not that hard. It only takes some simple maneuvers along with the right type of literature.

Of course, you can read and follow the advices coming from dating manuals yet you still need to get the right attitude that will fit your personality. To start learning on how to attract women,you need to first focus on yourself.

Remember, guys with muscles and a healthy physique are attractive. Therefore, you need to become a person who will have a healthy body. You do not need to be a musclehead or lift 500 lbs. You only need to have the body which is not only attractive but also healthy. Change the way you spend your day. Instead of sulking around in bed, you can go out and meet more people. You can also visit the gym regularly or you can play ball with your friends. As long as you stay active and fit, a lot of women will be attracted to you. The way you take care of yourself will be the way you take care of the women, they notice.

Once you feel that you are healthy enough, you can now start adding some knowledge. Go to your library and read some books. Look for journals about how to attract women and study the various things about current events. Even books about history or anatomy can be quite useful. As long as it adds to your knowledge, you need to study it. The reason for this is that you need to become an expert conversationalist.

This means that you need to know how to talk to women and know many types of topics, don't be boring. Some women are quite fond of historical literature while some women under the medical field will certainly be surprised when you know something about anatomy. That is why you need to learn many things when it comes to attracting women.

Finally, you now need to start the attraction process. You can start off by changing the way you look. Wear clean clothing and business casual attires. Look comfortable with what you wear and show the women that you are worth their praise.

Start your conversations with the women that you meet and talk with them. Let them help you get to know them better. Listen and try to find their likes. In time, you will be able to make an impact and they will certainly fall in love with you. Such are the ways on how to attract women.

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