Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Pick Up Women

By Antonio Gabriel

First of all, picking up women is not rocket science. You don't need to be the smartest man alive in order to get chicks. If you think that you need to be rich, handsome, successful and young in order to pick up women then you are mistaken. Yes, it is true that such qualities in guys provide a better chance of landing a single woman, but that is pretty much it, such men can only get one type of women.

Shockingly there are more women in the world today than there are men and someday you will be able to get the woman of your dreams. However, since it is too early to plan a wedding, you can start off by learning how to pick up women.

Confidence is Key

You might have heard of this in every dating book or guy manual that you have read. You might think that this is clich� and it is not worth your time, but the truth is confidence is pretty much most important when it comes to picking up women.Basically, if you lack confidence then you are better off becoming a single old man.

Confidence is indeed attractive and anyone can have it. Confidence is the reason why many ugly guys get the girls and why even the smallest or the thinnest of guys land the perfect women. The reason is simple, they are often ridiculed all their lives that they now lack the perception of anxiety, shame and fear. Because of their lack of fear, women are turned on by their new found attitude and eventually such guys are pros when it comes to picking up women.So you better get your game up and look for the confidence within you now.

There are various products and books which are based on gaining confidence and for picking up women. Read these books and learn from the knowledge of the masters. You can also start gaining confidence now by doing the mirror exercise. You might have already heard this fairly easy exercise that you can do at home.

Stare at a mirror and try to talk to yourself. Learn how to speak manly and with tone and strength. Of course, never start yelling at yourself because you will only look like a man who has lost his marbles. Stare at your reflection in the mirror and try to converse with it. Practice this a couple of nights a week and you will be able to gain confidence in no time. Now, use the confidence that you have gained on your quest of picking up women.

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