Friday, 19 July 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Twitter Followers HATE You

By Michael A Revell

There are many articles out there on how to gain twitter followers. However, one point that is often overlooked is how do you KEEP twitter followers. Those bots that mass spam follow, won't unfollow you, so no need to worry about them, but what about the real users that you actually want to advertise to?

They unfollow people all the time. Not because of what they're not doing, but usually because of the annoying things they are doing. Well, here are the top five ways to keep from annoying your twitter followers and forcing them to unfollow you.

Top five annoying tweets that loose followers:

1. The Spam Tweet - This is tweeting the same link, multiple times, minutes apart. Many times these tweeters will make the tweet appear to be linking to different links each time.

2. The Over Tweet - Tweeting anything too many times. If you have 2+ tweets less than a few minutes apart, you're over tweeting.

3. The Adult Tweet - Sending unsuspecting users to a pornographic site. This will get you unfollowed quickly. Most people use twitter at work, and this is very inappropriate for them. Especially if the tweet does not make it known that it's an adult site. Despite that, nobody wants to see porn spammed in their twitter feed.

4. The Profane Tweet - Again, many people use twitter at work. Profanity is not something they can afford to have flashing on their computer. Most people will immediately unfollow these types of tweople.

And finally,

5. The Irrelevant Hash Tweet - This is appending a random hash tag (usually a very popular one) to the end of your tweet to get many people to see it. Users can easily spot this scheme, your not sly.

If you want to keep users following your twitter account, make sure you don't annoy them. Annoying users is the quickest way for them to never want to see your twitter account again. Since real users are the ones you want and not spam bots, make sure you treat them right and give them informative tweets, not annoying ones, so they wont hate you like the twitterer they just unfollowed.

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