Friday, 19 July 2013

7 of the Best Reasons to Use Twitter

By Vern L

If you haven't yet tried it, or have tried it and not understood why it's something you should continue - here are seven reasons you should start using Twitter today:

1. The World is Tweeting - Twitter is a lightning fast, ubiquitous marketing tool that the entire planet is using. Major companies have been there for years now, smaller businesses and individuals from all backgrounds are getting involved to see what Twitter can do for them personally and for their business. There are millions of friends and potential customers on Twitter.

2. Trend Setters - those that adopt new technology quickly are already at Twitter and have been using it for a couple years now. This crowd tends to run with newly announced technology, and as a result - they are sharing new technology and developments in markets across the world with others on Twitter. Get into the conversation with this group - it's a great opportunity to learn about what's up and coming.

3. Instant Access to Employees & Strangers - not only can you receive information of critical importance in the blink of an eye, but you can send information just as fast. Twitter is a great way to get the latest messages out about a meeting place change or some other business issue of critical importance. Twitter applications for mobile phones are rampant and you can make them mandatory for your employees.

Popular tweeters overseas are using Twitter to create spur of the moment meetings of people interested in a particular topic that they wouldn't know how to contact otherwise - through phone for instance.

4. Twitter Breaking News - stay abreast of what is happening across the globe by subscribing to 24 hour news services on Twitter for free. Set twitter alerts to keep you informed about any topic you choose - in real time, wherever you are. The news agencies are not the first to know anymore. Often there is a person with a twitter account and access to it through their mobile phone that can tweet the information about plane crashes, ferry accidents, tornados, and other major events.

5. Brand Your Business - like blogging Twitter allows you to put a face to the products and services your business offers. Big brands like Microsoft, HP, and Oprah are using Twitter to more easily stay in touch with those that love them. Twitter gives your business a channel that didn't otherwise exist.

6. Networking - probably the best feature about Twitter is that it exposes you and your business to many people that would have no idea who you were without it. Networking on Twitter is a dream, and you can proactively add to your Twitter network by searching conversations that are going on about topics you're interested in - and following people who then follow you. Networking is essential for all businesses and there may be no better tool than Twitter.

7. Polling - if you need feedback about something just type out a question and send it to your followers to get quick responses. Depending on how interested readers are in your topic - you may immediately get an idea about the interest in your group of followers. Sometimes you'll get no response, other times - overwhelming response. Use twitter as an impromptu polling tool to get feedback on all sorts of issues. Questions on Twitter help everyone get involved and fuels the fire on important issues. Ask questions!

Twitter is a lot of fun, and a resource you should become expert with to see if it helps you personally and in your business.

Author, Vern Lovic is a serial online business entrepreneur that has created hundreds of websites and incorporated online businesses over the years at Start Georgia Business (.com).

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