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Coming Up With the Correct Answer to Just One Riddle

Coming Up With the Correct Answer to Just One Riddle

By Jason Bacot

If you have never tried to figure out any riddle answers previously, you just don't know what you're missing out on. They can be quite mind-boggling and complex at times, and in other instances they can be quite simple. It is the easy riddles that drive you crazy though. This happens when the answer is so obvious, but you just cannot loosen up your brain enough to figure out the answer.

The more you work on trying to come to understand these brain teasers, the better you will get at cracking their code. If you have never had the pleasure of attempting to figure them out before, there is certainly a method to their madness. What you have to do is, read each and every word in one of them very carefully.

This is not like reading an article or book; it requires a much more intense approach to reading. You have to read each and every word in the riddle, and ask yourself the following question? What was the author trying to accomplish with this riddle, and why did they use that word or phrase?

There is one thing that you can be certain of when it comes to riddles, which is that there never was one that has ever been created, that has wasted words in it. Each word is there for a reason, each word interacts with all the other words in such a way to try and throw you off track of the correct answer.

The very hard riddles are even worse; you can literally sit there for hours struggling to figure out why the person who created it used this word, instead of that one. Then, when you are finally at your breaking point and ready to give up, it hits you at last, and you get the riddles answered. When this happens it's not only a great feeling of relief, it also provides you with the confidence that you require to solve more of them in the future.

After you have been doing it a while, you will be able to answer most easy riddles relatively easily and quickly. But, when it comes to the tricky riddles, they are not so easy, and even the experts that have been doing this for a very long time struggle with them at times.

Someday they will create a contest for people that love to read them and try and figure out a riddle's answer. It might turn out to be a show like Jeopardy, or maybe more along the lines of a spelling bee. Whatever kind of competition that finally gets started, you can be sure that it will attract fans from all over the world that love trying to uncover their answers.

If you have never been to a website before that has a ton of riddles on it to test yourself, you really should check them out. They are a great deal of fun, and who knows, you could turn out to be like 1,000's of other people that spend hours on them every day.

About the Author: Jason Bacot - Are the Riddles you're used to solving a little too easy for you? If so, I suggest you check out our newer and harder Riddle List online at, where they are much harder.


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