Monday, 17 September 2012

Chinese Nationalism and Foreign Business Boycotting in China

By Lance Winslow

Well, it seems that China is expanding its territorial waters to include the oceanfront property which was either considered international waters, or the territorial waters of its neighbors. There have been disputes with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan. There is also a rather significant problem brewing as citizens from these different nations become angered. When this happens they tend to boycott products from the other nation, and that causes trade flow imbalances.
Worse, when citizens of one nation get angered due to their government-sponsored media or a feeding frenzy of commercial media outlets which pander to propaganda then we have citizens uniting in nationalism against other nations. Just recently, a group of Chinese angered over a dispute between Japan and China over territorial waters took action into their own hands, and that group of citizens attacked and damaged the property of Japanese companies operating in China.
Will this happen if the United States tries to help Asian nations negotiate their own territorial waters? The United States supports Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, and Japan and we've worked to help Vietnam build up its nation and economy too. We also support China, as they are our largest trading partner. What happens if all the citizens in China start boycotting US products, and rioting and burning down US companies? That could be a rather big problem, and it would immediately knock China off our preferred trading partner list.
Would Chinese citizens working in factories purposely poison food products being shipped the United States? These are all questions that should be asked because that could easily happen right now today with China, it could easily happen between the US and China, and it appears China doesn't want to do anything about it in the case of Japan. In fact the Chinese communist government released a statement about the attacks of its citizens on Japanese businesses within China. They said that they understood why their citizens were angered, and took law into their own hands damaging Japanese properties.
What is that supposed to mean? It's obvious that that means China doesn't feel it necessary to police its own citizens for damaging property if it belongs to a foreign nation that is currently having a dispute with the Chinese. Wow, can you see how big of a problem this could be in the future? If this happens with US companies, quite a few of the largest corporations in America have factories in China, and it would hurt our stock market temporarily, but it would also perhaps cause the United States to turn around every single shipping container coming this way.
If that happened China's economy would crumble quickly, and then they might blame the United States and our own citizens for boycotting Chinese products, and then we would escalate a trade war into a larger scale dispute, until which time bullets were fired. That's not into do anyone any good, and that could be a real hard fall for China, and a devastating thing for humankind. Please consider all this and think on it.
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