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Tips For Getting The Best Deal On A Used Caravan

Tips For Getting The Best Deal On A Used Caravan

By Ramesh Nigam

Are you interested in purchasing a used caravan because you can't afford to purchase a brand new one or you want to try the lifestyle out before making a more expensive commitment? If so, there are a number of tips that you may find useful in getting the best deal possible. Believe it or not, it is possible to pick up a caravan for a bargain price, providing that you know what you're looking for and how to negotiate.

  • If you can, take an experienced caravan mechanic along with you to an inspection. The mechanics surrounding these vans tend to be quite complex, especially if you are unfamiliar with them. The mechanic will be able to check out the brakes, the suspension and so on.

  • Make sure that you inspect the bodywork of the used caravan before even considering making an offer. If the panels or roof show signs of warping or bulging, this is a sign that leaking has occurred. This can cause all sorts of issues for the van, including damp.

  • Check that all of the fixtures and fittings will meet your needs as you travel around the country. Sit in the seating area, lie on the bed and squeeze your way into the bathroom. If your family will not be comfortable in the caravan, don't make an offer.

  • Whilst your checking the comfort of the fittings and fixtures, you should also check that they are all in good working condition. Do the doors and windows open and close properly? Do all of the appliances work? Beware of the tricks that some sellers will try to pull.

  • Thoroughly inspect the electrical system of the used caravan (if you have decided to bring a mechanic along, however, they will be able to do it for you). Make sure that all of the batteries hold their charge and that the appliances don't overload the system.

  • Attempt to negotiate a final price of what you are willing to pay for the used caravan. Make a note of any issues that you come across during your inspection and use these to help you bargain the price down. Point out where repairs or even replacements need to be made.

Whilst the above tips are most useful when dealing with a private seller (that you have found through the local newspaper or online) and even with a used caravan dealer, you might actually find them helpful when bidding on a van at auction. By making sure that you point out any issues or problems that you have come across when inspecting the caravan, you might actually find that you can talk the seller down to a more appropriate price.

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