Friday, 11 January 2013

5 Good Reasons To Back Out of a Relationship

5 Good Reasons To Back Out of a Relationship

By Angela Selfridge

Being in a thriving relationship takes a lot of hard work. Many people start a relationship unsure if they should commit to a person or run for the hills. Here are five good reasons why a person should back out of a relationship.

There Are Serious Trust Issues

Trust is essential in a relationship. If two people do not trust each other then the bond between them will be easily broken. Many couples have issues stemming from dishonesty, cheating and prior issues which lead to toxic fights and hurt feelings.

People need to feel safe and loved to fully commit their entire hearts to someone.

People often cheat when they are seeing someone. If a person is a serial cheater then there is not a strong connection there and the behaviour will continue even if there is a union between the two. Without trust, a person needs to flee and find someone new.

Someone Is Violent

Violence is a game changer and people who are being emotionally or physically abused should leave their significant other. Many women do not leave abusive men. This can lead to marriages and households that have problems with domestic violence. Some people believe that love can change an abusive person but this is often not the case and is a sign that things need to end. Giving someone a chance to get help is admirable and in long term relationships where the violence is a relatively new thing it is probably worth it but in a new relationship if there are signs of a violent temper then you should call it quits straight away.

A Person Is Too Clingy

Being too clingy can be a sign of lust instead of love. Many people meet someone and then become enamoured with them and cannot let them out of their site. This can lead to one partner feeling smothered which can be a huge turn off. Couples who are dating need their own space so that each partner feels that they maintain their own identities and sense of self.

Some men rely too much on women. Women often act like mothers to the men that they are seeing which can lead men to be waited on hand and foot. This creates a situation where someone becomes too reliant on the other and in turn resentment can begin to form. When this happens, people need to walk away so that they can find someone who better suits their needs.

There Has Been a Huge Betrayal

Betrayal is hard for anyone to deal with. When someone betrays another, even being forgiven cannot absolve the hurt. The issue often will come up again and again during arguments. When this arises, it is best to say good bye and move on.

The Conversation Is All about One Person

Some people become very selfish when they begin dating another person. If a person is narcissistic and makes everything about them-self then there is no room for true love and affection. People should put their significant other's needs first and if this does not happen then they should have the confidence to back out and go forward with someone new.

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