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14 Ways To Honour The Memory Of Your Pet

14 Ways To Honour The Memory Of Your Pet

By Hindy Pearson

Creating a memorial to honour an animal companion, can be a very effective way to help cope with the loss.

We can feel so helpless can't we? When it's time to let go, it's time, and there's nothing we can do about it. By choosing a way to memorialise our pet, we're taking action, and I guess you can say we're taking back some control, some of the power we didn't have to stop the inevitable.

Whether the gesture is big or small doesn't matter. It's just comforting to celebrate the bond we shared.

Because the end is always sad, we tend to forget there were weeks, months, or years that were filled with fun, love and joy.

Make your memorial about those amazing times you shared.

Memorial ideas:

If your pet was cremated, find a special urn for the ashes. You can inscribe his name, or a special message, put a photograph on it.

Put together a scrapbook or memory book with your favourite pictures, poems or letters you've written, even an id tag. The contents can include anything you like.

A plaque in a pet cemetery, or park where your dog liked to play.

Volunteer at your local shelter, and offer a homeless animal some love and attention. If you can't do that, make a donation in your pet's name.

Keep a tag, collar, blanket or favourite toy.

Memorial keepsake jewellery has a special compartment for some ashes.

Garden stones can be ordered with paw prints, names and even inscriptions.

Bury your pet in a pet cemetery (or backyard if you're allowed), and have a gravestone. This gives you a place to visit. Hold a memorial service and invite close family and friends if you like, or keep it small and private.

Many shelters offer the opportunity to purchase bricks, paving stones or plaques in honour or memory of a person or pet. It's a great way to pay tribute and support a worthy cause.

Plant a living memorial such as a tree or some flowers.

Keep a framed photo in a special place in your home. It's nice to be able to glance at it, and feel like he's still a part of the family.

Engrave your pet's name on a charm, key ring or some other object. Wear it, keep it in your purse, pocket, on your desk...

There are many online memorial sites where you can share your stories, get support, help others work through their grief and light virtual candles.

When you're ready for a new furry friend, rescuing a homeless animal from a shelter, rescue group or animal control facility, is the greatest tribute you can make.

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