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Working Out Conflicts With Banquet Halls

Working Out Conflicts With Banquet Halls

By Anders Abadie

Despite everyone's best efforts, banquet halls and customers often run into issues or conflicts. In some cases, the problem cannot be helped. Other times, one party is at fault for the problem. While it may be tempting to just walk away from a contract and give up the security deposit, there are other options to consider.

Read the Contract

Before doing anything, make sure that you read the contract that was given to you by one of the banquet halls in town. You want to make sure that you understand exactly what you signed up for. In some cases, a customer believes that he or she has been wronged only to find that the situation was covered in the contract. If you are currently looking for an event venue, this is the perfect argument for reading over all of the details of the contract carefully before signing. For example, if you are planning to have a wedding outside and it rains on the day of the event, who pays to move everything surrounding the ceremony into one of the banquet halls? These are often the situations that tend to cause conflict between the two parties.

Looking for a Compromise

The first step is to consider a compromise. If there is no way around the conflict, consider looking for the next best solution. Start out with an email detailing the issue. If you know that you are in some way at fault, make it a point to mention this. Banquet halls will probably take your concern more seriously if they see that you understand the answer might be no. The email allows both parties to discuss the issue and document it along the way.

If things cannot be resolved, request an appointment with the company's representative and sit down face to face to discuss the issue. It may be necessary to bring along a manager or some other person that also represents the company. Talk over the situation and see if there is any way that you and the other party can come to some sort of compromise. This could mean making an adjustment to the date and time of the event or a change to the menu being offered by the caterer.

It is important to note that most of the time, handling the situation in a logical fashion tends to ensure that you get further with a solution. If this is a wedding, there is no doubt plenty of emotion attached to event and it can be difficult to find that things are not going to work out. Do your best to stick with the facts and work towards a resolution.

Leaving the Contract

If things do not work out, most banquet halls will allow customers to get out of their contracts. However, remember that this does not come without a price. There is always some type of fee associated with breaking the agreement.

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