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How Large Is The Single Mom Issue In The United States?

How Large Is The Single Mom Issue In The United States?

By Lance Winslow

Not long ago, I was discussing the single parent challenges in America that we face. I was speaking to an online acquaintance about how difficult it was for single moms for instance to earn a living, raise their child, and maintain a household without at least some assistance. Yes, there is assistance from all levels of government, and often nice programs in the communities as well. Still, consider how big this challenge really is, how many kids and mom's it involves, and further what it means for the future of this great nation.

In the Wall Street Journal there was an article titled; "A Proposal for Michelle Obama's Next Campaign," by Abby W. Schachter published on January 15, 2013 which noted that "26% of the children in this country are raised by a single parent," and amongst poor families the number is 71%. That number is unfortunately way too high, I am certain that you will agree. In the black community the article noted the number at 72%, and that again, way too high.

Now then, the single mom problem is a real problem in this country, and I understand it to be a problematic issue in the black community, but it also seems that the NAACP had gotten a lecture from Mr. Obama on that, which I thought was the right way to play it, and it really couldn't be said by a white president without backlash in the media. Of course, the problem is indeed across ALL segments of our population. It's so hard to earn a living and be a single mom, and we see the problems in the schools too because of this.

Still, make no mistake, this isn't just a problem of the black community, it's a problem everywhere in the US, though all segments of our population. Although the problem doesn't seem to be getting any worse, it's already bad enough that each one of us should take notice. Indeed, over the years I certainly have. Consider also at a time of high-unemployment what an additional burden this can be. The single mom cannot feed her child or children without food assistance.

Most are able to rise to occasion at great sacrifice to themselves and sometimes kids fall through the cracks, but it's not always possible depending on circumstances for these single moms to make due. This is why we have some of the programs we have for social welfare, unfortunately as the economy fails to recover it has now become a perpetual problem with no real end in sight. I'd like you to think about this for a few moments today and give praise to single moms across this great nation. Please think on that.

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