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Things You Should Keep in Storage When You Have Small Children?

Things You Should Keep in Storage When You Have Small Children?

By Harry Pearce

In a home with small children, many items can be destroyed or damaged very quickly. With this in mind, parents use child-locks to lock cabinets and keep breakables in high places that are out of reach of small hands. Actions such as these are a great start but will not necessary protect your home completely. Many homes have very expensive furniture, family heirlooms that are irreplaceable and high priced electronics and other technical devices. If you want to protect these items, you might want to look into another option. If your home does not have adequate storage like many homes of young couples with small children, you might want to consider investing in a storage unit until your children are a little older.

Although professional storage may be expensive, it might help you save some money in the long run. Replacing those elegant living room sofas after your two year old practiced writing her name in her favourite colour of your lipstick gets quite expensive as well. What about that 150 year old china set that was passed down through five generations? Maybe you have it stored in a protective cabinet but what happens when your child climbs your protective cabinet and knocks it down or even worse, learns to open it? What about that 60" 3-D television that is your husband's pride and joy? He will probably not enjoy the picture as much after your toddler uses the screen as a drag strip for his hot wheels cars.

Life before becoming a parent might have involved a boating or canoeing hobby, skiing or even surfing. Whatever your passions were it might be a very long time before you are able to freely rekindle your love for writing your own music or whatever else it was. Children also have their own massive list of essentials, they will take over the house and keeping your items safe and secure is as important as having a bit of space in your home.

Normally, a storage unit costs between 50 and 75 pounds a month depending on a few factors. Size, amenities and duration of rental are some factors that determine your exact price. Professional storage is often gated, secure and climate controlled. Your items will be safe while you move them away from your home until your little ones get a little bigger. One year of self-storage will protect your prized possessions for many years to come.

Before you let your toddler take charge of your home, it is the time for you as a parent to stay a step ahead of your child. Move all important, irreplaceable items into storage as soon as your child is able to walk if not sooner. Children are very creative and sneaky at times. You may think you can watch your child 24 hours of the day but the truth is that this is basically impossible. A five minute restroom break or a quick nap for mom can lead to a big, time consuming mess in a home so get your home ready before Junior comes along because it is doubtful you will have much time once your little one arrives.

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