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Year 2012 Review of the Top 5 Sports Memories

Year 2012 Review of the Top 5 Sports Memories

By Will C Sesley

As we sift through the trials and tribulations forged by those athletes with selfish ambitions. We also cheer on other athletes with a far more refined discipline and drive to overcome and become triumphant for all the UN-selfish reasoning. Here's what I noticed...

5. The NFL Referees Lockout

Seems so sad but isn't it funny that just about a season earlier the NFL season was again at risk of "no season". The Collective Bargaining Agreement for the NFL Officials that ran out after the 2011 season and neither side wants to negotiate. To not put anything on the table seems too "rehearsed". By that I mean, why not come to the table before the time is up. During the off seasons leading up to or maybe the season/year before the Agreement times out. That sounds like plenty of time to hash out the millions of "fan supported dollars". And again, this is not the players we're talking about here. I'm sure everyone that has a job wants to be paid what they're worth. But at the risk of losing world wide enjoyment? Hmmm...

4. Boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho

As a result from gunshot to face, Hector "Macho" Camacho was declared brain dead on Saturday November 24, 2012. Shot while being a passenger in a car in his hometown of Puerto Rico, Tuesday November 20, 2012. Reasons behind the incident is unknown at this time. He took his fight to the ring as a youth and turned away from the streets, unlike most. He is one of the most memorable boxing athletes of the '80s and '90s. I remember a couple of his fights when I was younger. He gained the most notoriety from knocking out the famous Sugar Ray Leonard and defeating Roberto Duran as well. A boxer of Spanish/Latin descent who rose to the rare heights of winning titles in three weight classes. And endless stories of his generosity. This is the way I choose to remember great athletes. Mr. Camacho you will be sadly missed.

3. New Orleans Saints Bounty Program debacle

A perfect example of "Hey, who snitched"? New Orleans Saints team accused of Bounty Hunting and injuring key players in game play. In the seasons 2009, 2010 and 2011, the goal was to knock a player out the game to collect payment or favors as hinted by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Every player in the league itself, past and present speaking on camera or radio, does not remember this type of participation ever. Which begs the question of who would say anything now if it's gone on for so long. Well, in my time of playing sports on the court/field of contest it's called a "cheap shot". Sometimes done out of frustration for the most part. But are the New Orleans Saints the only team guilty? Are certain players in the NFL guilty of this repeatedly? Is the coach responsible for knowing the actions of all players at all times while in the game? Certainly no one athlete is perfect nor are they all "Saints"...

2. Olympics in London 2012

I wished all the countries athletes that were able to participate in their field of competition, well. You get to train for years and finally your time comes to compete for all the glory in London, England. I actually watched Track & Field events, seeing Mr. Usain Bolt win his races. Watched some of the USA Basketball Team, with no real surprise there. However, the main event my wife and I enjoyed was Gymnastics. Particularly, Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas stealing the show with her well trained performances. Of which lifted her to the rank of the first African American woman, 16 years old, to win in the all-around individual performances and assisting the USA team long sought after gold as well. I'm always fascinated by athletes focus, balance and coordination at very high levels of competition. Way to go...

1. Meta World Peace - not so peaceful

Well, this one for me tops it all. Ron Artest a.k.a. Meta World Peace, a Los Angeles Lakers forward in a NBA Playoff Game Series April 22, 2012, delivered a elbow strike to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder's guard James Harden. "Mr. Peace" stated that he was over zealous after a scoring a basket by himself, and expressed this joy to Mr. Harden's head. Of which resulted in a concussion for Mr. Harden. Now, as I've stated before, cheap shots come in all contact sports. It happens. And of course, there's no such thing as "Bounty Hunting" in the NBA, right. Mr. Harden is the best sixth man in the league, voted and awarded. So maybe Mr. Peace felt he had to slow that team's momentum down with a new defensive "I'm so excited"strategy. Yeah, that's it! If a team cannot make good substitutions of players because they're unconscious, then the players in the game will tire faster. And though Mr. Peace may be fined and suspended, which he is no stranger to. He can honestly say he "took one for the team," or rather Mr. Harden did...

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