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What Does Your Life Look Like?

What Does Your Life Look Like?

By Susan Russo

"HAPPINESS is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling." - Margaret Lee Runbeck

Many people would like to make changes in their lives but don't know where to begin. Let's break it down and make it easy for you.

Do you ever sit and ponder what you want your life to look like in the future. Have you set new goals? Do you want to set goals? Have you reflected on the past year and thought about the things that worked out, the things that didn't and what you'd like to do with your life going forward?

Everyone's goals and desires are different. One person's idea of happiness will be a lot different than another's. I have found the best approach to setting goals is the simple approach. Break it down into categories and then expound on each one. Do some brainstorming and think about how you want your life to improve or change in each category and see what you come up with.

Here are the categories:

SPIRITUAL - Get in touch with your spiritual self? Daily gratitude? Meditation and prayer?

FAMILY/FRIENDS - Better relationships? Spend more quality time? Do something special for someone?

FINANCIAL - What are your financial goals? Get out of debt? Save? New car, house, vacation home?

HEALTH/FITNESS -Stop a bad habit and replace it with something good? Exercise? Yoga? Golf?

LIFESTYLE - You've got to have fun! Do you want to travel? Where to? Do something you love.

CAREER - Do you like what you do? Higher an assistant? Change careers? Move up the ladder?

EDUCATION - Learn a language? Gourmet cooking classes? Higher education?

PUBLIC SERVICE - How would you like to make the world a better place?

ATTITUDE - How's yours? What holds you back? Good or bad? What do you want to change?

Some of these categories will be more important than others and some you may already have covered and are experiencing life just the way you want to regarding that particular group.


Figure out what is you want, where you want to go and make a plan to get there. Take it one step at a time. I'm often asked, "what if I want to make changes in each category, where do I begin?" Number them from 1 to 10 and decide what is the most important to you and start there.

Clue: when you begin with getting in touch with your spiritual side everything else slides into place!

Next, don't allow it to overwhelm you. Take baby steps in each area until you start to make small differences and before you know it you will begin to see the desired changes. If you fall off the band wagon don't be hard on yourself - besides no one is watching.

Some of you may only have one area that you want to improve or none. Goal setting isn't for everyone. So don't feel bad if you like your life the way it is, go out and celebrate instead!


If you are one of those people who does want to change some particular situation in your life I find that the number one motivator in accomplishing whatever it is you want is to get crystal clear on your reason why.

When you understand the reason why you want to have something or do something or experience something it is the catalyst behind you achieving it. Keep your reasons in the forefront of your mind and before you know it you will be well on your way to living it!

I know of a really great goal, live with an attitude of gratitude and everything changes!

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