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What Are the Diamonds in Your Life?

What Are the Diamonds in Your Life?

By Susan Russo

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." - Fredrick Koeing

They say, "Diamonds last forever." And, that statement is true. Their brilliance and shine and value never diminish or go away. But, what typically doesn't last forever is our appreciation of these little gems.

In a way, their brilliance, shine and value are equal to the first day they came into your world. But for some reason the excitement and happiness you felt when they first became yours fades with time and the bling factor becomes just another thing factor.


Think about how you felt when you got your new car. Were you excited? Did you love that new-car smell? Did it feel great riding around in it? Now how do you feel when you get in your car? Do you feel the same way?

What about when you bought your new home or some piece of furniture in your new home? Or, what about those new shoes, or that new sports equipment or new clothes?

Or the collectible thing-a-ma-jiggers you love? Or your vacation home or your boyfriend/girlfriend now husband/wife, the day your kids were born and all of the other diamonds that have come into your life with anticipation and excitement.

Think about how you felt then and how you feel now about those very same things. Do they hold the same value to you, or have you lost your appreciation of their value? It's more commonly known as taking things for granted.

Why does that happen? And, how do you get back those feelings of excitement when those feelings are buried along with the treasures that are right in front of you?


It's called appreciating the little things in your life. I think of it as re-looking at all the good that surrounds you.

All of those people and things that once made you so happy and excited when first receiving them can still make you feel that way if you stop for a second and REALLY look at them instead of glossing over them as they fade in the distance or they become a non-thing in your peripheral vision.

It only takes a millisecond to remember. It only takes a second to say, "Thank You" to the Universe, God or you Higher Consciousness.

Start every day by taking a minute to look around you and be thankful for all of the little treasures you've accumulated that make your home a home. Close your eyes and whisper, "Thank You" and send out a blessing to all of the people you love.

Look at the world through new eyes and begin to be happy and excited again because most of those diamonds are still there shining their brilliance into your life. But, all you have to do is take a second and REALLY see them so they can sparkle.

So, take a minute to stop and savor your blessings. Show your love and appreciation to someone you love and those are the diamonds that will shine in them long after you're gone. Those are the diamonds that last forever!

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