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Where To Live In Austin TX To Live Life To The Fullest

Where To Live In Austin TX To Live Life To The Fullest

By David Lawrence Toub

Where To Live In Austin TX to live life to the fullest means what exactly? It means living central, near all the bustle and excitement that the city has to offer. The lifestyle this article describes is really for people who can afford $300K+ homes. Many (not all) from NY and LA fit the bill since luxury living and downtown life in Austin is on average a good amount less than that in NY or LA.

If you can afford it, I recommend living as close to downtown as possible without actually living downtown. Some people can handle the traffic, craziness, and expensive condos that is downtown but in my opinion, having the option to enjoy downtown while being in a more peaceful neighborhood is the way to go. This article will focus on two of my favorite neighborhoods: Clarksville and Travis Heights.

Where To Live In Austin TX To Live Life To The Fullest - Clarksville

Clarksville is west of Lamar between 6th and 15th St. Clarksville was founded in the 1870's by freed African slaves and has been well preserved because of its background. This is a very diverse area with beautiful hilly streets and both old and new homes. This neighborhood is great for young professionals or families who wish to live close to downtown. Clarksville Park and West Austin Park are right around the corner, and Zilker Park is just a little further South. There are many coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance. The median home price here is $448K (Trulia, 1/1/13).

Where To Live In Austin TX To Live Life To The Fullest - Travis Heights

Travis Heights is just south of Lake Austin and is known for larger more luxurious homes (ranging from 1000 sqft to 8000sqft) and quiet atmosphere. Gourmet restaurants are within walking distance, and there are beautiful hills and trees throughout the neighborhood. This is similar to Clarksville but more trendy due to its proximity to South Congress which is known for its hip atmosphere. Hike and bike trails can be found in Stacy Park right around the corner. The median home price here is $285K (Trulia, 1/1/13).

Clarksville and Travis Heights aren't necessarily the cheapest places in Austin but provide a very high quality of life and are extremely desirable since the downtown is right around the corner with quick access to parks and hike/bike trails. If you can afford it and love living life to the fullest, these two neighborhoods are the way to go.

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