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5 Ways to Make Money at Home for Moms

5 Ways to Make Money at Home for Moms

By Armando Johnhill

Though many moms are gainfully employed, yet a good number of them prefer to stay at home in order to look after their children. The internet technology has opened new ways through which such moms can make enough money from the comfort of their homes. If you are a mom and you prefer staying at home in order to look after your children, you can still make enough money at the comfort of your home through any of these five ways.


Do you know that you can earn money through the internet by writing for other people? There are many individuals, businesses, students, lecturers, professors and organisations that are looking for people to write for them. If you know how to write, you can make good use of your writing talent by writing for these people and getting paid for your work. There are many freelancing sites that you can register with and bid on writing jobs. Writing jobs are of different types such as academic writing, article writing, press release, report writing, article rewriting, copywriting etc. It is left for you to decide on the type to place bid on. Some of the freelancing sites that you can register with are,,, and many more.

Date entry and typing job

The internet job opportunities are not only for moms who can write. If you are not good at writing but you can type very fast, you can still make money online by taking up date entry and typing jobs. Many companies and organizations have a lot of information to enter into their data sheet. They prefer hiring freelancers to enter these data for them. So, you can sign up with freelancing sites and place bids on data entry and typing jobs.

Translation jobs

Can you speak and write several languages especially internationally recognized languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and others? There is opportunity for you to earn money online with this talent. You can look for a translation work. It is highly lucrative because it is less competitive. A lot of freelancers are not into translation. Register with a good freelancing site that has translation jobs. Start placing bids. You will be surprised on the amount of money you will earn on monthly basis.

Tutoring job

Definitely, you spend time with your children at home helping them with their homework. Some mothers even go the extra mile of teaching their kids new things they are yet to learn in school. But, only a few know that they can do the same online and earn some income through it. There are myriads of tutoring sites that you can sign up with and look for tutoring jobs.

Answering phone calls for other businesses

Nowadays, many companies prefer hiring customer care executives online because it is less expensive than keeping permanent ones. If you have a good phone connection and you have enough time at home, you can take up this type of job and earn some money through it.

There are other ways through which work at home moms can earn income online. You can earn enough money even higher than some moms that are employed through these means. The good thing about internet business opportunities is that you can combine many of them at the same time.

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