Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Increase Your Number of Friends on Facebook

By Lee J.

A Facebook account is no good without friends to connect with. While you don't need thousands of friends, the truth is, Facebook is more enjoyable and more useful when you have good friends there. Among some of the reasons you'd want more friends are:

  • More fiends means greater interaction
  • More friends means more fun
  • More friends means better chances of finding people you look for
  • If you want to make new friends in real life, you can start with your friends list
  • For Pages, more friends or followers and greater popularity
  • For some people, more Facebook friends makes them feel better about themselves

Engage in conversations
What's the use of a friend who never interacts with you on Facebook? Be more active on the site. Post comments on other people's statuses, photos and whatever they share. And say more than just "Nice" or "Cool." Start a conversation. Your friends' friends will usually be able to see your comments, thus opening the way for making new acquaintances.
Search for people
Take advantage of the Facebook friend finder and search tool to look for people you know who may be on the site. You can tell Facebook to import your address book from a Web-based mail or an email client. Facebook will search those lists for you. You can send a friend request to those who already are on Facebook, and if not, you can send them invitations instead.
Send friend requests
Don't be shy about making friend requests. Decide if you really want to be friends with someone, and send the request. The worst that could happen is nothing. And don't take it personally if they don't add you. Some people are choosy about who they friend at the site, and you should be too.
Improve the quality of your page
If you have a Facebook fan page, make it better. And if you don't have one yet, why not make one? A fan page is yet another way to interact with people who share an interest in what you do. Make a page for your website or business, for example. You can meet many new friends that way.
Create an interesting profile
Your profile is the first thing people see about you on Facebook (unless it's through some comment you posted). Make your profile interesting to new viewers. Share a few things with the public(that is, either "everyone" or "friends of friends) so even non-friends can see. Based on your profile, they will learn some things about you and may want to become friends.
Join groups, networks or events
These are great for meeting people with similar interests as yours. Friendships are easier to start when you know you share a passion together. Think of your favorite hobbies and activities and find a group or network to join.
Don't forget that with friends, it's quality that counts and not quantity. Go out and make friends. But choose only those you really want to connect with. If you think of friendships as just statistics, you're going about it wrong. If you get a Facebook account, make it about real connections. Ideally, your Facebook friend should be buddies in real life too. Learn more social networking tips at Blog Lady.
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