Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why You Must Utilize Social Media Marketing

Author: Lukas Jayakarta

Saying that social media is a waste of time is one of the costliest mistakes to make as a business owner. Ignoring social marketing because you are simply "not with it" would mean missing countless of good opportunity to build a business brand, reach potential customers, maintain good relationship with customers and increase sales. This free internet marketing tool is now being used by all businesses from multinational companies to home business. Don't get left behind. Here are the top reasons why you should consider it.
#1 - Cheap cost to reach potential customers on the internet
Why waste more money on online advertising methods such as banner ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) while you can reach thousands of potential customers through social media sites absolutely for free? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more - these are all free social media sites which you can get involved.
#2 - It enables you to reach more people from worldwide
That is the power of internet. You don't need to travel to other countries to meet people. You can contact people that from other countries through computer and internet connection. Social media sites enables you to build relationship with people in worldwide. This is power of internet marketing tool give you global reach in a matter of seconds.
#3 - This helps you to reach your target market
When internet marketing is all about reaching a target market, you can get advantage of social media marketing for achieving this purpose. Social media sites enables you to join groups which related to your business. e.g: If you have a golf equipment store, you can join a Facebook groups which related to golf equipment. This helps you to get better position for being found through online.
#4 - It allows you to create a group
With your own group, you can get a support group for something which you need for your own business. Have a marketing plan to boost your sales? Or spreading a campaign? You can do it with Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn and others.
#5 - It enables you get new business partners
Social media sites don't only help you to connect potential customers. With the internet marketing tool, you also can get other people who can help your own business in some many ways like business partner, employee, potential investor, reseller, affiliate, and more.
These are top reasons to start. Other reasons in social marketing like maintain good relationship with customers, build brand awareness, driving traffic to a web, generating more new leads, monitoring competitors, getting referrals and more. So what do you wait? You must utilize social marketing immediately.
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