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How to Choose Your Business, Profession Or Career

How to Choose Your Business, Profession Or Career

By Jay Onwukwe

Many choose a business, profession or career based purely on the expected financial returns from such business, profession or career. However, money should not be the primary consideration when choosing a business or profession that you may be engaged in for the rest of your life.

One of the important considerations when choosing a life career, business or profession is whether it suits your individual personality, character and preferences. Will such a career, business or profession offer you the opportunity to do the type of things you enjoy? Does it bring you in contact with the type of people you love to be with; and the type of environment you like to work or live in?

Don't just go into a business, profession or career simply because someone you know got rich in it. You should not get into a career just because another is doing well in it. Don't just go into a profession simply because your parents want you to. Don't go into a profession just to satisfy your ego, or to impress others.

The key to truly satisfying and lasting success in any business, career or profession is being able to enjoy it. Take your time in choosing your business or profession, just as you would choose a pair of shoes or a hat. And here, the one vital and primary consideration is: does it fit?

A crucial part of your preparation for a wealthy and successful life is the channeling of your energies towards activities you love. Do a self-examination to discover your core values and the things that make you happy and why.

Give closer attention to your hubbies, interests, desires, talents, indoor and outdoor activities, and find out why you enjoy them. Then develop your job, employment, business, trade or profession around the things you love doing, the people you love to be with, and the environment that suits you most. These factors combined will bring out the best in you.

It must feel great making money while enjoying yourself. It must feel good enjoying yourself and being paid for it! What better motivation can there be for anybody, than to make money while doing the things they love to do?

When you make money in the course of doing the things you love to do, you are mentally and emotionally leveraged to be the best you can ever be. Such tremendous advantage opens the doors to great fortunes and success in life.

Did you have any special childhood talents, interests or abilities? Do you have any special qualities or training? Do you have any ideas or inspiration that could be developed into full-fledged business ventures? Don't bury them! They could point the way to great fortunes.

You can create enormous wealth by simply adapting your interests, talents and abilities towards the improvement of life for a large majority of the people in your community or immediate environment, through the provision your specialized products or services. It could be your first step to great Wealth and Prosperity.

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

� Jay Onwukwe

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